05. Housing Foyer de Sécheron by MPH Architectes

The development is based on a traditional five building block built around a welcoming green space protected from noise, where several large trees were preserved and protected. The 91 subsidised HBM units feature two to six rooms distributed between two buildings with an underground parking.

5. amb número

Project name: Housing Foyer de Sécheron. MPH Architectes

Location: Avenue de France, Genève

Tipology: Collective Subsidized Housing

Area: 14,371 m2

Construction data: 2011

Photos by: Thomas Jantscher

Both buildings use renewable energy thanks to heat pump technology that is linked to the ‘Genève–Lac-nations’ (GLN) network. A centralised boiler distributes the caloric energy. Each building has a reinforced concrete structure with a façade made up of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements that were tinted. The windows are wood and metal framed conform to standard.

04. Corail House by Group 8

The Coral house is located in an area, formed by a large urban block surrounded by Giuseppe-Motta, Grand- Pré and Chandieu streets. The site is accessible by the main road Grand-Pré, this avenue lined with trees, cuts straight though the building block.

4. amb número

Project name: Corail House. Group 8

Location: Geneva

Tipology: Collective housing

Area: 38100 m2

Construction data: 2007-2011

Photos by: Régis Golay, Federal Studio

The façade on the road front is entirely glazed, exposing the living rooms to the outside giving the impression that the building has been cut. The  clients  specifically  asked  for  a  building  without balconies, the most suited solution was to have sizable sliding windows, giving the impression of being outdoors by opening large sections of the façade.

03. Subsidised Residential Building by Aeby Perneger & Associés SA

Today, we’ll talk about Aeby Perneger & Associés SA project, four buildings constructed in pairs with council housing subsidies along the Villa Gardiol directly by the entrance to the new Quartier du Pommier, in Grand-Saconnex (Geneva).


Captura de pantalla 2014-11-06 a les 18.59.04

Project name: Subsidised Residential Building. Aeby Perneger & Associés SA

Location: Grand-Saconnex Ge, Switzerland

Tipology: Collective housing

Area: 14,718 m2 (incl. basement floor)

Construction data: 2001-2005

Photos by: Thomas Jantscher

The two building pairs are positioned according to an urban master plan that was produced in advance. They are each oriented towards central open spaces that were created above an underground car park.

02. Residential Building by Bassicarella Architectes

Today we would like to show you the Residential Building constructed by Bassicarella Architectes. The non-overlapping balconies and their rhythm suggest a dynamic volume’s rotation and enhance the concept of the plan ‘’diagonality’’, which characterize the apartments unity.

Captura de pantalla 2014-11-06 a les 18.58.35

Project name: Residential Building. Bassicarella Architectes

Location: Geneva (Petit-Saconnex)

Tipology: Residential Building

Area: 1890 m2

Construction data: 2012

Photos by: © Didier Jordan

The facade of the Residential Building, composed of precast concrete panels, transforms itself into balconies and continuous large windows. This leads to a great flexibility in the integration of various typologies.


01. Coulouvrenière by Charles Pictet Architecte

We’ve choosen Charles Pictet’s project which aims to unite the two existing urban structures, which derive from different development strategies.


Project name: Coulouvrenière. Charles Pictet Architecte FAS SIA
Location: Rue de la Coulouvrenière 26, Geneva
Tipology: collective housing
Area: 2,042 m2
Construction data: Project: 2008-2009. Execution: 2010-2011
Photos by: Stéphane Pecorini (Genève) and Thomas Jantscher (Colombier)

The project was developed in a dialogue between the client, a cooperative for student housing and the future occupants. Certain regulations had to be fulfilled, both with respect to remaining within the budget and achieving the “Minergie Plus Eco” certificate.


Meeting between Swiss and Catalan architects


Aside from the exhibition _Import GENEVA, the second day of the event, 14th of November is dedicated to generate synergies between Catalan architecture and Geneva.

Therefore during the day, the event will also present architectural tours, a meeting with professionals and a reception at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion for all architects participating in the two exhibitions.

For Cities Connection Project the meeting between Swiss and Catalan architects is a highlight of the program. For instance, can we talk about a Genevan or Catalan ‘collective housing’? What do they have in common?  What can Barcelona learn from Genevan architecture?


The meeting will take place at Arts Santa Mònica Centre de la Creativitat at 12:00 h and will be a kind of an exchange of professional experiences to share ideas and make new connections. The architects will share experiences in different debates and the sponsors and agents involved in the Cities Connection Project will participate.



The Arts Santa Mònica Creativity Center will host the exhibition _Import GENEVA on 13th November under the title Building Geneva_Projects versus challenges”.

The exhibition is dedicated to twenty collective housing projects built by Geneva architects over the last 10 years. With the aim to generate synergies between Catalan architecture and Geneva, aside from the exhibition on 13 – 14 of November the _Import Geneva event will also present lectures, architectural tours, discussion meetings with professionals, and several visits to local architecture studios.

The opening will count on the presence of Francesco Della Casacantonal architect, Etat de Genève, that will deliver the inaugural lecture entitled “Geneva collective housing” and all the swiss architects.


CCP explores Barcelona with INSIGHT BARCELONA

Friday, November 14th, INSIGHT BARCELONA invites the participants of the exhibition _Import GENEVA to an architecture tour through old town dedicated to URBAN OPERATIONS TO REVIVE OLD TOWN.Additionally there will be two architecture tours offered on Saturday, November 15thTour 01: 22@ DISTRICT – MOST RECENT TRANSFORMATION OF THE CITY
Inscription open. For further information: contact@insight-barcelona.com”We guide you to the hidden jewels of Barcelona’s architecture providing you with professional insights by the people who are involved in the architecture you will be seeing. As architects and Barcelona lovers we participate actively in shaping the city and are eager to convey insightful information about the current perspective and complex relationships of urban development.”INSIGHT BARCELONA offers guided tours by architects of architecture and urban planning in Barcelona and Catalonia.
Any further information: contact@insight-barcelona.com