Cover of the catalog Shared Living Spaces. Wallonia-Brussels. dpr-barcelona, 2021

Following the success of the fifth edition of Cities Connection Project – which spotlighted the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the city of Barcelona under the theme “reactivate the city” – we are undertaking the sixth edition with a fresh format: a connection between three partners. On the one hand, Wallonia-Brussels and Barcelona, ​​who will be participating again, thanks to the synergies established between CCP, the Barcelona institutions and especially Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures. On the other hand, for the choice of the third city, we decided to return to Switzerland and more precisely to Basel, a city with a ery rich architectural heritage. Indeed, contemporary architecture has become the hallmark of the city. However, in our opinion, its most important asset is the interrelationship between its territory and its borders. The Basel metropolitan area, with a population of roughly one million inhabitants, is unique in being a city that spans three countries: Switzerland, Germany and France. It is a tri-national, cross-border metropolis unique in Europe.

Shared living spaces is the theme chosen for this CCP06 edition. The sharing of spaces and activities, as well as the diversity of programs are the common points of the projects illustrated in this catalogue. In our view what is truly important are the different approaches and processes tried out by architects from different cities or countries while working in highly heterogeneous contexts.

Localization of projects from Wallonia–Brusels
Fontainas Urban Block | B612Architectes
Brasserie de la Senne | Générale assembly of architects

Two years hence, this theme has acquired an unexpected importance in the context of the global health crisis: the pandemic appears to have changed our way of communicating and relating to each other as well as our work system… These shared living spaces are now more than ever indispensable places, places that invite exchanges among users.

For each of the three cities participating in the CCP06 connection, we will be producing a specific catalogue, each of which can be then gathered together in a single book.

Xavier Bustos + Nicola Regusci
Architects directors CCP