The Cities Connection Project (CCP) is a connector between cities and their architecture, created by architects Nicola Regusci and Xavier Bustos, with the aim of generating synergies between architects, cultural agents, governments and universities among European cities.

The Cities Connection Project (CCP) was created with the desire to establish a cultural connection between two European cities with an important architectural and cultural tradition. Architecture exhibitions are the focus of this project, which also includes lectures, networking, meetings between universities and the desire to create links between the architects involved. Each event, called Connection, consists firstly of an exhibition in Barcelona featuring guest city projects, followed by a second presentation of Barcelona projects in the guest city. Each new connection will offer a new theme that will always take into account the idiosyncrasies and the cultural and architectural background of the invited city or region.

The Cities Connection Project has the support of foundations, universities, private sponsors and many public institutions of the cities involved.


“We have managed to bring together professionals that are actually affecting today’s architecture in Europe, where architects can connect in a direct and authentic way. This rarely happens and is therefore a significant achievement”

Nicola Regusci and Xavier Bustos, co-founders of the Cities Connection Project

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