20. Social housing in Carouge by Frundgallina Architectes FAS SIA

La Fontenette, in Carouge, hosted since the 1950s ten buildings with 120 apartments. Despite obvious signs of decay, this complex still has interesting features, thanks to the many green areas and to the presence of beautiful trees.

20. amb número

Project name: Social housing in Carouge. Frundgallina Architectes FAS SIA

Location: Route de Veyrier 46-58, 1227 Carouge

Tipology: Collective housing

Area: 34,400 m2

Construction data: 2008-2018

Photos by: Milo Keller

The project reinterprets the former construction’s planning principles, which can be described as living in a park. Seven new compact buildings are freely disposed in-between the existing trees, which are preserved. They define quality outdoor spaces, providing residents great visual relationships with both buildings and landscape.

19. Three buildings of collective housing by Lopes & Périnet-Marquet Architectes EPFL

The project is part of the Localized Area Plan (LAP) route de la Chapelle, which is itself part of the master plan La Chapelle-les-Sciers. These plans establish the principles for lay-out, seting-up and size of buildings.

19. amb número

Project name: Three buildings of collective housing. Lopes & Périnet-Marquet Architectes EPFL

Location: La Chapelle – Lancy, Geneva

Tipology: Collective Housing

Area: 12,500 m2

Construction data: 2012-2014

Photos by: Emmanuel Périnet-Marquet

In view of a collective appropriation of the exterior space the ground floors are slightly raised with respect to the adjacent land. Compliance with a global Minimum Energy Concept will be achieved through different systems integrated in the project such as solar panels on the roof and an efficient thermal insulation.

18. Sustainable social housing in Cressy by D. Liengme Architectes and Baillif-Loponte & Associés SA

This project is the result of an architectural competition organized by a communal foundation. These two ecologically high-performing buildings are part of the new district of Cressy, on the outskirts of Geneva, which has developed substantially from a restrictive urbanization policy.

18. amb número

Project name: Sustainable social housing in Cressy. D. Liengme Architectes and Baillif-Loponte & Associés SA

Location: Cressy, Bernex, Genève

Tipology: Collective housing

Area: 4,860 m2

Construction data: 2012

Photos by: Johannes Marburg Photography

Both buildings, allowing space for 24 apartments, are connected by a partially underground parking lot, thereby benefiting from natural lighting.

The apartment typology was strongly influenced by the orientation of the buildings. The rooms are on the east side, while the living spaces and kitchen have large west- facing balconies. In the middle, spacious, light-filled entrance halls give way to the living areas, which create a sense of space.

17. Housing and Nursery Rue du Cendrier by J. Jaccaud Architectes and S. Bates Architectes

The project makes a mediation between two urban conditions: the urban fabric of rue Rousseau and its significant buildings, particularly the school built by P. Barras and A. Camoletti and the Mont Blanc / Cendrier Centre built by MJ Saugey.

17. amb número

Project name: Housing and Nursery Rue du Cendrier. J. Jaccaud Architectes and S. Bates Architectes

Location: 6, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1201 Genève

Tipology: Affordable housing and nursery

Area: 3,392.5 m2

Construction data: 2009 – 2011

Photos by: Joël Tettamanti, David Grandorge and Alain Granchamp

These two constructions are reconciled with the new building that absorbs several spatial and volumetric elements, the base and the faceted forms of the Saugey building and the continuity of the street and the tripartite ordering of of the schools façade. In this way, like a puzzle made up of different parts carefully assembled, a new building emerges, specific to its context and yet strangely universal in character.

16. La Chapelle by BonhoteZapata Architectes SA

This project is a prize-winning proposal of a limited entry competition organized in 2009. It contains 42 subsidized apartments from 3 to 5 rooms (1 to 3 bedrooms) corresponding in size and in cost to the strict criteria of the Genevan administration regarding social housing.

16. amb número

Project name: La Chapelle. BonhôteZapata Architectes SA

Location: La Chapelle, Genève.

Tipology: Social housing

Area: 4,219.70 m2

Construction data: June 2012 – June 2014

Photos by: Johannes Marburg

The building is dressed in tinted sheet zinc with thermo lacquered aluminum coverings. It has received the “label Minergie ©”. Loggias are included in the volume to assure the best habitability and make them a real additional room to each flat.

15. Inter-generational living and village centre by DAR Architects SA

This creation of an inter-generational living and public area aims to reinforce social and communal links at the heart of the village of Meinier.

15. amb número

Project name: Inter-generational living and village centre. DAR Architects SA

Location: Meinier, Geneva

Tipology: communal housing + public building

Area: 14,130 m2

Construction data: 2010 – 2012

Photos by: Thomas Jantscher

The brief by the municipality is to provide social housing for families, the elderly and people with mobility issues as well as a community space with a nursery, creche, games library, a restaurant, one-stop social and medical advice shop, a multi-purpose hall, an after-school hall, a social hall for the elderly, a shop and the communal bunker.

14. “Du-Bois-Melly” Building by Bugna

The project proposes, despite its intentionally contempory language, to complete the circle of this 19th Century block with a building that respects the different alignments and volumes of its neighbors.

14. amb número

Project name: “Du-Bois-Melly” Building by Bugna

Location: Geneva

Tipology: Collective housing

Area: 3,450 m2

Construction data: 2008 – 2009

Photos by: Didier Jordan

The facades are built with pre-cast concrete elements that reflect the mineral character of the adjacent historical buildings. The originality is that these facades offer a warm rust-stipled effect that was achieved by sprinkling an orange oxide on the surfaces of the anthracite pre- cast concrete elements.

13. Les Communailles by CLR Architectes

The project is representative both in its typological variety and in its architecture. Despite the sheer scale of the project, the richness of the distribution spaces allows to favour the conviviality. These distribution spaces include dilatation spaces, appropriate to game and to encountering.

13. amb número

Project name: Les Communailles. CLR Architectes

Location: Onex, CH

Tipology: Collective housing

Area: 9,500 m2

Construction data: 2011 – 2014

Photos by: michel Bonvin

The social and architectural interweaving of the collective housing reflects itself into the façade, in a rigorous system with complex appearance. The complexity breaks the monotony of the collective housing that characterise the suburb, so as to offer a different way to cohabit.


12. Yvoy by Atelier d’Architecture 3BM3 SA

12. The house we would like to show you today fills a remaining space in a location characterized by the presence of a large unit of buildings realized by the Honegger Brothers in the 1960s, between Boulevard Carl-Vogt and Boulevard d’Yvoy.

12. amb número

Project name: Yvoy. Atelier d’Architecture 3BM3 SA

Location: 1 boulevard d’Yvoy. 1205 Genève

Tipology: Collective hosing for social rent.

Area: 1,800 m2

Construction data: 2007

Photos by: Luca Fascini

The building includes a staircase with natural daylight and dispatches 2 apartments per floor (3 rooms and 5 rooms). Perforated metal elements noticeable on this project are a nod to the work of American artist John Maeda. Atelier d’Architecture 3BM3 carried all Sia’s phases in the construction of this building.


11. Les Courtillets by 2DLC & Oleg Calame Architectes Associés

The project is the result of an invited competition. The program includes twenty four apartments, retail space, public parking and covered places required for residents.

11. amb número

The building completes a residential block. It is located along a gently sloping road.

Project name: Les Courtillets. 2DLC & Oleg Calame Architectes Associés

Location: Chemin des Courtillets, Lancy, Genève

Tipology: mmeuble de 24 logements, bureau, commerce, parking privé et public, place.

Area: 3,586m2

Construction data: 2007-2009

Photos by: Fausto Pluchinotta

Access to the building is managed by the choice of the reference level of pedestrian access to the lowest points of the side road. The flow is thus divided between the sidewalk following the natural slope of the land and a semi private outdoor plaza located low against the pavement which joined upstream by a ramp. This device is used to distribute three climbs through a single entry which gives the generosity of the common elements without damaging the potential of building housing unit.