17. Housing and Nursery Rue du Cendrier by J. Jaccaud Architectes and S. Bates Architectes

The project makes a mediation between two urban conditions: the urban fabric of rue Rousseau and its significant buildings, particularly the school built by P. Barras and A. Camoletti and the Mont Blanc / Cendrier Centre built by MJ Saugey.

17. amb número

Project name: Housing and Nursery Rue du Cendrier. J. Jaccaud Architectes and S. Bates Architectes

Location: 6, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1201 Genève

Tipology: Affordable housing and nursery

Area: 3,392.5 m2

Construction data: 2009 – 2011

Photos by: Joël Tettamanti, David Grandorge and Alain Granchamp

These two constructions are reconciled with the new building that absorbs several spatial and volumetric elements, the base and the faceted forms of the Saugey building and the continuity of the street and the tripartite ordering of of the schools façade. In this way, like a puzzle made up of different parts carefully assembled, a new building emerges, specific to its context and yet strangely universal in character.