CCP06 | 1st EVENT | BRUSSELS | 14-15th OCTOBER’21


Following the success of the fifth edition of Cities Connection Project – which spotlighted the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the city of Barcelona under the theme “reactivate the city” – we are undertaking the sixth edition with a fresh format: a connection between three partners. On the one hand, Wallonia-Brussels and Barcelona, ​​who will be participating again, thanks to the synergies established between CCP, the Barcelona institutions and especially Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures. On the other hand, for the choice of the third city, we decided to return to Switzerland and more precisely to Basel, a city with a ery rich architectural heritage. Indeed, contemporary architecture has become the hallmark of the city. However, in our opinion, its most important asset is the interrelationship between its territory and its borders. The Basel metropolitan area, with a population of roughly one million inhabitants, is unique in being a city that spans three countries: Switzerland, Germany and France. It is a tri-national, cross-border metropolis unique in Europe.


Shared living spaces is the theme chosen for this CCP06 edition. The sharing of spaces and activities, as well as the diversity of programs are the common points of the projects illustrated in this catalogue. In our view what is truly important are the different approaches and processes tried out by architects from different cities or countries while working in highly heterogeneous contexts.


Exhibition Import WB_Export BCN. Re-Activate the city in le308. Bordeaux.

June 3rd 2021.

Opening in le 308_Maison de l’Architecture with architects from Bordeaux (Vincent Arné and Samira Ait Mehdi), Brussels (Thierry Decuypere and Gil Honoré) and Barcelona (Judith Leclerc, Jaime Coll, Pasqual Bendicho, Meritxell Inaraja and Oriol Cusidó), radio debat moderated by David Vernet and Sara Meunier and architecture guided visits to some representative projects.

MEZZANINE – RUMEURS17 – Cities Connection Project #10 – Rencontres. Listen here.

Le 308 – Rencontres européennes d’architecture. Read here

Photos: Artur Pequin + CCP

_Export BARCELONA catalogue edition

_Export BARCELONA ‘Social Housing in Urban Context’ includes the publication of a catalogue edited by dpr-barcelona that contains the information about the twenty selected works, incorporates Augmented Reality and contextualizes the selected projects in a historical timeline of reference works. The catalogue is also intended to be the most up to date compendium of recent and prominent Catalan social architecture.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-05 a la(s) 15.14.47



The catalogue you can find below includes texts by Ferran Mascarell, Conseller de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Antonio Hodgers, Conseiller d’État de Genève, Vicente Guallart, chief architect of the Barcelona City Council and Xavier Bustos and Nicola Regusci, the project curators.


Tomorrow, 20 Catalan architectural works will be presented at the Geneva Pavillon SICLI, highlighting examples of social housing architecture within the framework of the Cities Connection Project (CCP). Under the lema _Export BARCELONA ”Social Housing in Urban Context‘, the exhibition will run until 22nd March at the Geneva Pavillon SICLI (Route des Acacias, 45). This event represents a valuable opportunity for the internationalization process of Catalan architecture and, in particular, for the social housing typologies of Barcelona.

Arts Santa Mònica_Julio2014

Together with the Catalan architects that will travel to Geneva, during these days the event will also count on the presence of:  Jordi Sellas (Director General of Creation and Cultural Industries at Generalitat de Catalunya), Madeline Carey (Advisor on Cultural Affairs at Generalitat de Catalunya) and Josep Font (Department of Culture at Generalitat de Catalunya) from Barcelona, and Joëlle Comé (Conseill de Culture de l’Etat de Genève), Francesco Della Casa (Cantonal Architect Etat de Genève), Daniel Starrenberger (president of the Fédération des Architectes Suisses – FAS), Antoine Robert-Grandpierre, (President of the Maison de l’Architecture) and Vincent Lusser (Promotion des Grands Projects – DALE) who will join us in Geneva.



17h00 Press Conference with the presence of Mr. State Councillor A. Hodgers

18h00 Exhibition Opening

18h30 Vernissage

18h45 Conference of Vicente Guallart, Chief Architect of the City of Barcelona

19h30 Aperitif


20. Social housing in Carouge by Frundgallina Architectes FAS SIA

La Fontenette, in Carouge, hosted since the 1950s ten buildings with 120 apartments. Despite obvious signs of decay, this complex still has interesting features, thanks to the many green areas and to the presence of beautiful trees.

20. amb número

Project name: Social housing in Carouge. Frundgallina Architectes FAS SIA

Location: Route de Veyrier 46-58, 1227 Carouge

Tipology: Collective housing

Area: 34,400 m2

Construction data: 2008-2018

Photos by: Milo Keller

The project reinterprets the former construction’s planning principles, which can be described as living in a park. Seven new compact buildings are freely disposed in-between the existing trees, which are preserved. They define quality outdoor spaces, providing residents great visual relationships with both buildings and landscape.