Meeting between Swiss and Catalan architects


Aside from the exhibition _Import GENEVA, the second day of the event, 14th of November is dedicated to generate synergies between Catalan architecture and Geneva.

Therefore during the day, the event will also present architectural tours, a meeting with professionals and a reception at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion for all architects participating in the two exhibitions.

For Cities Connection Project the meeting between Swiss and Catalan architects is a highlight of the program. For instance, can we talk about a Genevan or Catalan ‘collective housing’? What do they have in common?  What can Barcelona learn from Genevan architecture?


The meeting will take place at Arts Santa Mònica Centre de la Creativitat at 12:00 h and will be a kind of an exchange of professional experiences to share ideas and make new connections. The architects will share experiences in different debates and the sponsors and agents involved in the Cities Connection Project will participate.