Typology: apartments housing

Location: Nuglar, Switzerland

Construction Date: 2018-2019

Photos by: Mark Niedermann 


The old cellar of the Urs Saladin AG distillery, dating from 1956, was used exclusively as a warehouse. With its considerable size it has never gone unnoticed and is in fact an integral part of the architectural and cultural history of the municipality of Nuglar, whose ancient historical center was the eastern edge. The old outer walls now form the parapet of the upper floor and the base on which the new building was erected. It was decided to keep the original writing on the facade overlooking the street as a reminder of the building’s industrial past. A bit like the signs of the Old West.

The built part is all in spruce. Inside, 27 mm three-layer panels were used almost everywhere. As for the colors, the internal surfaces have been left rough or treated with a colorless varnish, while the external wooden surfaces have been painted in a Scandinavian style, or have been treated with a graying which – given the shade – has been renamed “greening” .

On the ground floor of each unit, the poured concrete floor, the kitchen and the bathtub – also in concrete – recall the predominant material in the pre-existing basement. Some static connecting elements are made of steel, such as the supports of the ceiling beams. For the new construction, the idea was based on the old building: large volumes under a huge overhanging roof, with the difference that now, thanks to thereduction of the plan of the upper floors, the result is a largecovered outdoor space.

The extension was built in wood, while the structure recalls the pre-existing mushroom pillars in the cellar floor. Seven 9-meter high walls are connected to each other via the facade and the roof and thus constitute six residential units which, thanks to the full-height windows, are oriented both towards east and west. Each is a studio-house with a simple and practical basic structure, to which the inhabitants can make changes according to their tastes. Each unit consists of a single room on the ground floor with a height of 8.60 meters and a basic structure that includes kitchen, bathroom and stairs. A very simple system allows you to build the flooring of an additional two floors, leaving the owners free to create mezzanines of different sizes or build other rooms.

The external surfaces and the huge basement are jointly owned
and all the inhabitants contribute to giving them shape. TheGSPublisherEngine 493.0.96.100 seventh unit on the south side is an outdoor common area,
with seating and outdoor kitchen. There is enough space to garden, work, play and party