Architects: Stefano Moor Architetto
Photos by: Lorenzo Mussi, Daniele Portanome & Dario Bonetti
Typology:  Housing
Location: Carabietta
Date: 2010

The building is located in Carabietta on Lugano’s lake. Carabietta, like so many other lake settlements, is located on a delta.

The lake’s void enclosed by the mountains, here as in other places, is extraordinary. The land on which the house appears is located north of the delta, compressed between the road and the lake. Orographically it’s still part of the delta before its narrowing along the road. The site in question it’s a precise geographical point. It’s the opportunity to place a house, a private building, able to confront itself with the public dimension that the site requires. The house follows the same logic of all the houses oriented along the shore of the delta, but at the same time, also wants to mark the end of the delta and the entrance to the country for those that arrive from the north along the road.

So it was born the need to design a building that looks upon all 4 sides, with a radial orientation other than the lake-mountain one.The ambition is to put in this special place a well recognizable building due to its geometric fi- niteness able to define its environment without merging into it.
The place is transformed.