Typology: Ephemeral Installation 

Location: Barcelona

Construction Date: 2019

Photos by: Adrià Goula

The fair is in a small town. The stands, with their noise and diversity, are the houses; while, due to its scale and mono materiality, common places are associated with the forum, representative of the monu-mental.

The BBC’s common spaces are designed with a logic of circular economy, zero cost, and zero waste. This prevents more than 25,000m2 of material from becoming waste after 72 hours.

The use of two materials respecting their standard measures gives priority to the use of resources (cost 0, residue 0): the 150gr geotextile in rolls of 2.20m x 200m in length, generates a sequence of catena-ries that accommodates common uses, and after the fair is rolled up to be used in construction; beams from the collection of the Sagrada Familia are stacked in levelsto configure furniture, returning to this work after the fair.

A game of dualities intervenes, traction vs compression, stacking vs hanging, light vs heavy, transpar-ent vs opaque, space vs furniture… Light cave and solid hut dialogue in a kind of dichotomy.