MAY 11TH_EXHIBITION OPENING Architekturforum Zürich


Architekturforum Zürich. Photo: Ruedi Walti

Next stop Zurich. This year’s event of the Cities Connection Project connects Zurich and Barcelona. After the celebration of the first encounter in Barcelona in October 2015, now is the turn of Zurich where the exhibitions “_Export BARCELONA. Social Housing in Urban Context” and “_Import ZURICH_Cooperative housing: New Ways of Inhabiting” will open on May 11th at 19h at Architekturforum Zürich.

Each year, the Cities Connection Project (CCP) chooses two European cities to be connected by landmark architecture projects in a dual encounter. The Swiss city of Zurich, with its strong tradition of new models of cooperative housing, and Barcelona have been chosen for this year’s event. The selection of 20+20 works will be exhibited at Architekturforum Zürich and enriched with visits to highlighted housing buildings and other activities open to the general public.