10. Students house by Lacroix Chessex

The building opens itself to the panorama of Geneva, like an open hand, and generates a semi-private garden right at its foot. The garden is situated along a public promenade.

10. amb número

Project name: Students House. Lacroix Chessex

Location: Avenue de France 20-22, Genève

Tipology: Student House

Area: 10,485m2

Construction data: 05/2011 – 12/2012

Photos by: Radek Brunecky

The shape of the building is a broken bar having one long side aligned with the tracks of the railway. The facade consists of private balconies on the east and the large outdoor gangways (“coursives”) to the west. It expresses a superposition of big horizontal slabs which equally function as filters against the sun and noise. The height of the parapets varies depending on the angle of incidence coming from the noise of the passing trains. This principle enriches the building with a facade that progressively lightens itself to the sky.