22 OCT Catalogue Presentation _Import Zurich

The “_Import Zurich. Cooperative housing: new ways of inhabiting” catalogue will also be presented on 22 October at Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya. In addition to images, plans and information about the 20 Swiss projects, visitors will be able to use an Augmented Reality application to expand the contents.

The _Import Zurich title focuses mainly on Zurich’s cooperative housing projects. For about fifteen years now a renaissance of urban living is bringing about a renewal of activity among the housing cooperatives. They have adopted ecological standards, they have developed socially compatible forms of denser building, and their large-scale projects have a significant impact on the qualitative development of the city’s neighbourhoods. This is coupled with a new generation of architects who, thanks in part to architecture competitions, have had the opportunity to develop, test out and affirm their own field of research within a very strict and deterministic legal framework.

Import_ZURICH. Portada

The catalogue also contains reviews by André Bideau, Daniel Kurz, Josep Maria Montaner and Zaida Muxí. Includes texts in English and German.




Cities Connection Project (CCP) is a project curated by
Nicola Regusci and Xavier Bustos

First edition: 2015 dpr-barcelona
Editors: Nicola Regusci, Xavier Bustos (CCP).
Contributions: André Bideau, Daniel Kurz, Josep Maria Montaner, Zaida Muxí
Translations: Jennifer Taylor (GER), Susanne Bosch-Abele (ENG) Graham Thomson (ENG)
Graphic design: dpr-barcelona.
ISBN: 978-84-942414-7-5
Size: 25 x 18cm.

PVP: 18,00 €

With Augmented Reality contents in each project.
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