The Update Series: Cities Connection Project before, during and after the lockdown.

We’re starting a series of posts updating the activity of Cities Connection Project just before and during the COVID lockdown. We have been actively searching for ways to keep triggering connections among European cities, featuring how architecture practices struggle to keep working in pandemic scenarios.

The result couldn’t be better, as we have witnessed how architecture is a driving agent in shaping cities and how much interest is between architects to learn by sharing experiences.

Re-Activate the city in COAC – September 2019, Tarragona.

The adventure wouldn’t be the same without the inestimable complicity of our colleagues of Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures, the advise of dpr_barcelona in setting hybrid strategies for exhibitions and expanding our network, and the support of the institutions and sponsors featured below. You all make possible that Cities Connection keep opening and maintaining links between Barcelona and relevant cities shaping contemporary architecture repertoire.

Don’t miss the series and stay tuned for further connections coming soon!

Photographers featured in the series: Jerôme Van Belle, CCP, Arthur Pequin, Giedrius Akelis Photography