Architects: ARQBAG COOP 

Typology: Industrial refurbishment

Location: Terrassa

Construction Date: 2015-1019

Photos by: Marc Díaz 


Using traditional wooden looms, Teixidors has been producing textiles of high quality and beauty since 1983. It is a social project of occupational therapy for people with intellectual functional diversity, who work in coordination with a team of counselors.

The project optimizes the production circuits, enhancing the social, pedagogical, and cultural values   of the cooperative. It also represents the opportunity to redefine the concept of industrial tourism. 

Teixidors wants to promote activities and synergies with the other agents inhabiting the rest of spaces that are part of this heritage complex open to the city, the “Condicionament Terrassenc” building.

The modernist building, designed by the architect Lluís Muncunill in 1916, was originally conceived to weigh and dry wool and since then it has been linked from the beginning to the textile sector.

The original construction elements have been recovered, such as the tiled base, the wooden windows, the wall cladding, or the metal trusses. This patrimonial revaluation allows ordering the new program of uses through a sequence of warehouses. The traces left by the different occupants over time are recognized and highlighted.

The interiors of the warehouses have been solved with a large-format wooden framework system built in situ, tailor-made using a pine wood frame structure and cladded with OSB- oriented fiber panels. The bathroom module has been designed with an independent structure to the closure, so that in the future this constructive solution can be extended to build the rest of the possible spaces.