Architects: SUEDE 36

Typology: Public space, Mobility

Location: Municipality of Saint-Hubert, Belgium

Construction Date: 2017-2019

Photos by: Loredana Marini


Capital of hunting and nature, Saint-Hubert is an important regional hub. Before implementation, the diagnosis was mixed: the city did not have the public space it deserved. Its potential was underused. Now, from a commercial, touristic, cultural and heritage perspective, the current situation of the roads strives to strentghen the identity of the place.

With a method based on collaboration and exchange of ideas, thanks to expertise in mobility and an ability to offer solutions,Sweden 36 has conceived a project that significantly changesthe image of the municipality. The massive benches, the color of the materials, the clumps of local trees are reminiscent of the nearby forest. Going up towards the town, we meet rusticspecies belonging to the world of the fields. The roses remindof Pierre-Joseph Redouté, originally from Saint-Hubert, who painted roses at the court of the King of France. The development remains modest, the objective is, above all, to showcase the exceptional heritage.

The axis connects Place de la Liberation, Place de l’Abbaye and Place du Marché. Soft mobility was the key idea to the conception of the road, which leaves large spaces for bicycles, sidewalks and terraces. This old national road has been rearranged to become a local one-way street. The goal is to offer other paths to the transit traffic which was intense, noisy and polluting. The street now favors the shopping promenade, the terraces and the tourist activity. It offers a qualitative public space, pleasant for residents and visitors alike