Architects: Isidre Santacreu
Photos by: Jordi Surroca, Jeroen Van Mieghem, Isidre Santacreu
Typology: Park
Location: Santa Coloma de Cervelló
Date: November 2014

The storm river ripped through the heart of Santa Coloma and unravelled towards the course of the River Llobregat. The design places a ball court, the largest element, like a privileged balcony over the river. Further downstream, with the city behind, the orthogonals become curves anchored in a round pool of sand. Children play on this beach with its breakwater, a red moon of cement; improvised stage for their games. The design creates connections through the park (between neighbourhoods on each side) and along the park itself, flowing with the storm river towards the Llobregat.
The design of three elements personalises the park: the Cirera beacon, to mark paths; the Coloma spring, a prism with facets made of weathering steel; and a crossbeam of precast concrete with a band of rusted steel, to emphasise some lines in the paving or, if necessary, to be piled up to make stairs.