Typology: School

Location: Vic. Spain

Construction Date: 2019-2020 

Photos by: Adrià Goula


Located in the Vic Seminary building, cataloged as a property of local interest, the austere and monumental spaces of theschool are converted into a more flexible didactic space.Theclasses communicate to allow to learn together with theirclassmates. It also connects visually with the corridor, nowyou can also learn there, they have placed tables and gamesand children can sit in groups, helping each other. Each hour is different because suddenly the class expands to be grouped with the neighboring class. The light and sun comes in and you can see the trees in the garden swaying with the wind …

A yard that is a garden, where you can play, smell, listen, look… a yard that changes with the seasons, a yard that is never the same yard.
A central square preserves the pavement of the old playing court, with its lines marked on the ground, remembering whatthere was. Around it there are some sinuous benches, like themovement of children playing and an improvised stage, goingdown the stairs … then the green, the flowers, the birds … some paths connects the classrooms with the square , through the green, with small colored play areas, where you can lie down, do cartwheels, jump … and the trees which will grow, provide shade, the leaves will fall and the children will play with them.