Architects: DXA.ARCHI

Typology: Urban collective housing 17 housing units and a shared space

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Construction Date: 2017

Photos by: Lode Saidane


The project concerns the construction of an apartment building consisting of 17 passive dwellings and a common room. The plot is located in a very urban and dense site in Molenbeek- Saint-Jean.

Construction technique:

The shell is carried out in CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), which made it possible to assemble the complete envelope in eight weeks. This material does not release co2 for its production, but it has stored it throughout its life. CLT eliminates thermal bridges. Thanks to the size of the CLT panels, the number of joints is reduced and the air tightness is improved.

Special techniques:

• Double flow ventilation, efficiency> 83%.
• Triple glazing, mixed wood / aluminum frame, overall Uw = 0.88W / m2k.
• Water management, 400m2 green roof and 15,000-liter rainwater cistern (flushing and cleaning of outbuildings).
• Thermal solar panels for domestic hot water.
• The main insulation of the envelope (facade and roof) is made by high density mineral wool 45kg / m3 with a thickness of 22cm. lambda = 0.035W / m2k.
• The party walls are insulated with a gap of 2 cm and 6 cm of HD mineral wool. The floor tiles between the dwellings are insulated with 6 cm of HD mineral wool
• Airtightness n50 = 0.6 h-1