Renovation of Existing Civic Center. Ateneu Nou Barris

Architects: Roberto Fornari Architect – Elena Rojas Architect
Typology: Civic Center
Location: Barcelona
Construction Date: 2010-2012
Photos by: Adrià Goula


The building of Ateneu9B was a former asphalt factory that was occupied by the neighbors of the district in the late 70’s to become it in the first creation factory in Barcelona city.

The Ateneu works since 1978 and has, since its beginning,the circus as an identifier.
It is a true “school of participation” that encourages the social commitment and solidarity among citizens.

We wanted that the steady rhythm of the existing structure were to become an ally of the project, becoming also the generating key of it.

That’s why:

We potentiate the functional/distributional existing organization making more seamless the relationship between the spaces of zone 1: gym / office, zone 2: bar / local and zone 3: theater.

The open space located between zones 1 and 2 gets closed and becomes the authentic hall of the building.

The outside porch of the existing structure is incorporated into the interior volume and is reinterpreted as a new element of communication and distribution. The top of this cast has the dual use of gutter cover installations and technical corridor.

We transform the small windows and the centered doors of the original building into a modulated unit enclosure. (23 modules of 5m wide x 4,5m high).

With independence of the aluminum carpentry, only two materials are combined in the façade: on the one hand we have the glass u-glass and, in the other, a coating of metal sheet that can be folded, flat or perforated according to their position and need.